How to Convert JPG to PDF, Multiple Photos Can Be Combined Too

Want to convert JPG to PDF with online tools that are very easy to use? Even the photos can be put together into a PDF format file which is known to be more practical and clear. The method is also quite easy, especially with the jpg2pdf tools that will provide practical services.

To date, the most popular document formats for storing and sharing specific content are JPG and PDF. These two formats seem to make users reluctant to use other formats. Even more often deliberately change the format again so as not to be confused.

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Like JPG users who are looking for various ways to be able to make it a PDF, there are also other formats that are deliberately looking for ways to PDF, and many more. But now, online tools are very helpful for activities, including combining photos.

Advantages of the PDF Format Until You Need to Convert JPG to PDF

JPG file stands for Joint Potographic Group with impressive detailing capabilities, easy storage space, and is quite ideal for use as a photo format on social media, especially blogs. But the superior value that PDF has is more.

PDF which stands for Portable Document Format is indeed commonly used for wider documents. Therefore, for people who want to print many photos on one paper, don’t choose a JPG file. Convert JPG to PDF first so that it works as expected.

In terms of storage power and file compression, PDF can be said to be superior. If the JPG has a size of 2-3 MB, then 10 photos will take up to 20 more. But if all those photos are combined into a PDF, then the file will be smaller without compromising the quality.

The reason people want to convert JPG to other PDF is because if you want to edit in one unit, JPG requires that one file by one be dragged into the tools. As for PDF users, just enter one PDF file directly and it will have the same preset.

But if you want to post on social media or blogs, JPG must be recognized as superior. Especially because it only captures the camera version. When it comes to printing PDF results, you can customize it far and wide. Just choose which format you feel fits your needs.

How to Merge JPG Format Photos to PDF

After seeing some of the advantages of the PDF format, we are sure that you want to quickly convert JPG to PDF, or combine several photos directly. There are several ways that can be used to change the image format, one of which is:

  1. First, make sure the file you want to input is in one format, namely JPG
  2. Go to the site
  3. Select the file that you want to convert to PDF format earlier
  4. Drag and attach on the site and wait until the loading process is complete
  5. Set the desired photo layout
  6. On the bottom page, click Save to PDF and select the desired save name

PDF has many advantages when we compare it to files in JPG format. Especially if you want to combine several photos into one, then PDF is the key. But all must know first how to convert JPG to PDF with the tools provided.

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